For us, the term "executive" goes beyond the tie. We know that each professional is one and what differentiates it is not just his position but his responsibility to the corporation. Our services cater from that C-Level specialist who adds innovation to the Board Member who contributes with his leadership experience. What makes a "Top Leader" Unique is its ability to understand the needs of the market and take an organization to levels not yet reached. Our services and strategic partnerships support the best results in TOP LEADERS.

Did you know that 80% of the professions that will exist in 2030 have not yet been created? This is what the IFTF (Institute For The Future) points out and it is behind the talents of the future that are already on the market today that Unique's New Leaders segment is dedicated. More than ever, the leader of the future is the one who will have even more skills in management, scope debates, application of new ideas and innovation, regardless of the area in which he operates. Talking to this generation, but maintaining seniority in the debate is what adds value to our services in NEW LEADERS.