More than 20 years ago when Steven Hankin coined the term "War of Talents" one would not have imagined that the human resources services market would be worth € 241 billion. Although the numbers are gigantic, what is behind them is also. A study by Mckinsey revealed that professionals with high performance are up to 400% more productive than those of the average. That is, discovering, connecting, convincing, and bringing in the most desired professionals and those with the best fit for your company can bring an intangible differential to your business. That is why all our Recruitment projects always carry the three fundamental precepts:


Behind each project is a partner. Unique with experience to deal with professionals from the most diverse sectors and specialties.


Our projects are tailored to the needs of our client. For us, the only standardization is the quality of our delivery.


Our partners have decades of knowledge of the market and therefore understand the importance of your business and each position to leverage your results.


Data literacy, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, ability to adapt to different cultures and collaboration are just some of the skills considered essential for the future of work according to the World Economic Forum. And how do you make sure that the “Top Leader” or “New Leader” has these or the skills required for your company? The Assessment brings tools with methodologies that detail the important competencies for the organization and the desired function. Why invest in these tools?

Why is it good for the professional?

It provides the professional's self-knowledge, developing a clearer view of all competencies, to enhance their performance.

Why is he good for the company?

Because it serves as a tool to direct professionals to the challenges that will deliver the best results, through an external vision for support in making various decisions, such as: succession, development, promotion, and restructuring.


The American consultancy ZengerFolkman was founded in 2003, in Utah-USA, by Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joseph Folkman, emerging of the innovative research presented in the best-selling book, The Extraordinary Leader: Transforming Managers into Great Leaders (The Extraordinary Leader - Turning Good Managers into Great Leaders). Its leadership development programs are used worldwide by the most diverse organizations or directly by professionals who seek their self-development.

In Brazil, Unique Group is the exclusive strategic partner of ZengerFolkman.

Exclusive ZF surveys and evaluations

+15 years researching the impact of leadership performance and the key behaviors that great leaders demonstrate by generating a database consisting of more than one million assessments by more than 85,000 leaders.

The ZF training and development programs

have a methodology based on the competencies of the leaders with the best global performance, with the strengthening of strengths, through on-site programs or in the online format.

Our Programs

The Extraordinary Leader ™

Related to professionals with team management

Leadership Levers ™

Related to high performers talents or to support the future exposure with team management

Projects, case studies and research carried out in the main world organizations are frequently disseminated and widely validated in articles published in renowned vehicles such as:


Aligning his experience in Executive Recruitment built years ago, Unique offers the Unique PLUS methodology for management positions, a combination of the best recruitment strategy and the leadership development program based on ZengerFolkman - The ExtraordinaryLeader ™ methodology to enhance leadership strengths.

Main Benefits:

Increases employer

brand attractiveness

Reduces turnover

of new hired leaders

Increases engagement

retention and job performance

Higher return on investment over a traditional recruitment process

bringing in addition to the results of the hiring a development plan for the new professional.

Aligns the individual's development training to the strengths

observed in hiring, increasing their performance.

How does it work?

The program is aimed at strengthening strengths and correlating them with desirable KPI´s of success, such as: financial results, engagement, customer service, among others. These indicators are always aligned with the inputs of the organization's objectives. From the 3rd month of hire, the professional performs the 360 assessment, receives remote individual feedback, sets up IDPs in line with the needs of the organization / function and makes the option of having mentoring monitoring for 1 year.

Focus on adherence

and alignment with culture.

“Pulse check”

to measure evolution after 6 months - optional.

Reassessment after 1 year